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The most important asset of any company is its human talent.

As the World becomes more Global, borders for businesses no longer truly exist. With that being said, businesses and companies have failed to truly benefit from business immigration.

Over the last 28 years, we have helped companies with transferring key employees, opening new plants, banks, or offices in new markets. With this experience, we clearly saw the benefits that companies can obtain from a structured business immigration process and plan.

Our difference is our track record. When helping companies put together a ‘Dream Team’ when expanding or entering new markets, the chance of success greatly increases. A Dream team allows companies to take what made them successful in their home markets and carry this knowledge into their new markets. Understanding how you can transfer key employees into the United States and Canada through our corporate mobility planning services, our clients have seen better success and higher employee satisfaction

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C-Suite level executives of businesses and companies expanding into the US or Canada are eligible to obtain visas for themselves as well as for their family.

They are also admissible to privileged paths to obtain a permanent residency (Green Card in the US)

C-Suite level executives are classified as being first preference for obtaining their permanent residency (Green Card), because they are essential to the success of the company’s operation in the US/Canada. The company does not have to demonstrate to the Labour Department that no American is willing and able to fulfill that position at the time.

Another great advantage for C-Suite level executives moving to the US can obtain Permanent Residence (Green Card).

C-Suite level executives who have demonstrated extraordinary abilities in business do not need to a job offer or be sponsored by a US company.

Extraordinary ability in business is recognized as such by the US :

  • Have received a major internationally recognized award, such as a Nobel Prize;

OR have at least three of the following qualifications:

  • high salary;
  • employment in a critical or essential capacity for distinguished organizations.
  • national or international awards;
  • membership in associations requiring outstanding achievements;
  • published material about the applicant;
  • original scientific, scholarly, or business-related contributions of major significance;
  • authorship of publications in professional journals or major media;
  • history as a judge of the work of others;

The North American franchise industry is valued at close to a Trillion Dollars a year. With the franchise model offers the highest rate of business success and lowest investment levels as compared to typical start-ups, it has become a desired model for thousands of investors.
Acquiring an existing franchise in US/Canada or taking a local franchise from your home country into these markets yields important immigration rights and privileges.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND OR SELL FRANCHISES, but we can provide support to franchise brokers and/or future owners in navigating these opportunities.

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Managing the international mobility of employees and their families can be very complex. We have had the privilege of assisting thousands businesses and companies and their HR department with their Immigration and corporate mobility needs .

Since 1994, our team has had the privilege of assisting over 2500 business and companies seeking to expand in the US and Canada. Furthermore we assisted more then 4500 companies where we were instrumental in securing over 30 000 visas and Permanent Residencies C-Suite , Management , professionals and specialized skilled employees.

Immigration and corporate mobility business planning is essential as well as a necessary part of conducting international business.  Strategic planning is crucial because it ensures your key employees, those essential to the success of the expanding Company and /or business, are where you need them to be, whether it’s in the U.S. or Canada.  Devising your immigration and corporate mobility business plan gives Senior Management all the pertinent information they need to efficiently expand their business in the targeted country – while giving you the time to work on your other tasks.

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The American construction industry is well structured and encompasses Unions and Non-Unions workforces. Two major construction associations represent over 40,000 construction companies (we are member of both associations). They will welcome construction companies from around the world because foreigners bring different ideas that can help the industry flourish.

US immigration authorises key employees to obtain US work visas and Permanent residency (Green Card). Every key employee responsible for the success of the overall construction project are admissible. Ex: Architects, Engineers in every aspect of construction, Chief executive officer (CEO), Chief operation officer (COO), Chief financial officer (CFO), Project managers and Middle managers.

Of course, the US immigration authorities expect all the construction workers (hands-on that will be performing the actual construction) to be Americans.

CanAm can assist you finding the subcontractors and the hands-on construction workers.

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International trade is a staple of the 21st century and no one can escape this reality. The United States and Canada exchange goods & services with countries all over the world each year, for sums ranging upwards of billions of dollars per day .

By expanding in the US and/or Canada, you get the same rights & privileges as local American and/or Canadian businesses or companies would. This allows you to sell your products  and or services more efficiently. To serve this purpose, expansion visas hold many advantages and opportunities to facilitate international business. Transfer your key employee. Thus insuring the success of US / Canada operations.

Chambers of Commerce have always been major players in the business world we have always been there to educate them on their right and privileges.

We understand their role in supporting the business community and attracting investment to their region. We firmly believe our role is to provide support and education on the importance that immigration can play in driving investments and supporting their members.

Our goal is to educate you and your team on business immigration – thus allowing your members to truly benefit from the opportunities of Globalization.

Employees make or break business success. The employees carry out an organization’s mission and it is only through them that a company can affect the world around it. Thereby, it is paramount for the acquiring or merging company to make sure that their key employees can make it to the target country to

Through our white label solution, we can seamlessly integrate into the process and solve the “people puzzle within the transaction” – while ensuring that we do not interfere or impede the transaction itself.

A transaction in an international context must integrate the immigration component from Day-1. Trying to rush an immigration strategy at the end of a transaction inevitably leads to a number of employee applications being denied. You can avoid these problems and their complications by effectively integrating the immigration strategy at the beginning of the transaction, through the conception of a Business Immigration and Corporate Mobility Plan.

Business managements and companies’ boards of directors cannot take decisions if they don’t have the right information. With our Business Immigration and Corporate Mobility Plan, we aim to provide the deciders of a business or company with an accurate and complete snapshot of their rights and privileges in the context of conducting international business. With our Plan, the people making decisions will know who in their employee pool is eligible to immigrate and why. We will also tell you how to best organize your corporate legal structure in order to comply with the requirements of Canadian and American Immigration authorities.

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Canada and the United States of America are host to diplomatic and consular missions from all around the world. The consular/diplomatic representation from your home country could be an invaluable partner in the development of your business in North America.

Since 1994 CanAm immigration and New York Immigration Law Group  has developed  a efficient way of working with foreign consulate and diplomats representing North American embassies and consulates are a treasure trove of tools and solutions for business operating internationally to receive assistance from their home country foreign delegation.

Our mission is to assist businesses and companies from their home country and use our business centre as an added value to your company because of our extensive knowledge of the North American market and the policies and procedures of the United States and their rights and privileges

We have assisted many companies in the trucking industry conquer the US market by expanding their Canadian company into the United States. We were able to get key employees essential to their operations US business expansion visas for themselves and their family and Canadian drivers US temporary visas to conduct interstate transport for eight months out for each calendar year.

These opportunities allow both US and Canadian companies ,owner operators to broker services to both American and Canadian companies. This is a great opportunity given the significant shortage of drivers.

Canadian companies expanding their operations in the US with their dream team and brokers gaining access to interstate traffic with their Canadian drivers will drive significant revenue opportunities.

Canadian owner operators can also expand their operations in the US by investing in a new start up within the United States and can transfer their trucks to the United States. This can also be completed as part of a joint venture with other owner/operators. These solutions would lead to them and their families obtaining business visas and permanent residency.

The federal, state and local governments all have millions of dollars in incentives to attract businesses from around the World to grow their economy and create jobs. While there are tons of programs destined to local and foreign entrepreneurs and businesses alike, it can be difficult to identify which programs best suit your needs. We know our way around the various programs and can help put you in relation with the right people.

To obtain financing from local financial and governmental institutions, one must excel in the art of positioning. How you register and present your company will influence what programs it is eligible for, as well as the extent of the financing possible.

In the planning of your expansion into the US and/or Canada, our CANAM Immigration and New York Immigration Law Group will implement the necessary components and steps necessary to make your business eligible for grants and subsidies in the Target Country as much as possible, depending on your field of activity and business structure.

Over the years, the United States and Canada have signed bilateral treaties with a number of countries around the globe. Today, over 75 countries have treaties in place with the US. These treaties allow for Treaty investor visas, among other things. As such, citizens from over 75 countries can become Treaty investors in the US. For Canada, there are multiple programs available that we have meet the needs of a wide range of applicants.

These type of visas are tailor-made for small investors , small businesses and franchises. 

CanAm Immigration was instrumental in obtaining over 1500 treaty investor US work visas for treaty country’s citizens (and their families) who invested in a business, a company or a startup in the US.

CanAm Business Center has assisted over 2 500 companies with acquisitions, joint-ventures/mergers, opening branch offices or subsidiaries in the US and Canada.

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This type of visa is tailor-made for Sales person (Treaty Trader) Selling and or representing goods and or services in the US after obtaining their US Treaty Trader visa.

The purpose of this visa is to help facilitate and creating a flow of trade between your home country and the US and or Flow of trade between the US and their home country.

There is no minimum investment required for this visa and persons from 50 countries can qualify. A Treaty Trader must have controlling shares of its business, company or start-up, which in the US is equal to a control of at least 50% of the shares.